As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many non-essential workers are at home, more than 36 million people have filed for unemployment, and some companies are reconsidering new ways of working, including remote and distributed work. As workers adapt to a new reality, issues related to childcare, burnout, broadband access, and mental wellbeing are top concerns. Concurrently, openings for essential healthcare and manufacturing jobs are left unfilled and workers struggle to access upskilling and reskilling opportunities. The nature of work and workforce development must evolve to address these challenges.  

CovidX is working to define persistent problems with clear areas of opportunity. We are especially interested in problems related to remote work, how businesses will adapt and reopen, reskilling and upskilling, new ways of working, burnout and mental health, skills gaps, and unemployment. We’re interested in connecting with those framing the problem or offering solutions: Reach us at