CovidX seeks to identify opportunities for government and the private sector to accelerate meaningful innovation that addresses the coronavirus pandemic.

Like most of our extended network, Luminary Labs has been tracking coronavirus news since January, and we’ve been translating insights for our clients and partners along the way. Those early efforts resulted in our COVID-19 reading list in early March, the introduction or COVID-19 open innovation index, and most recently, a daily digest of our findings (sign up below) across the following topics:
  • Data platforms and privacy-preserved tracing
  • Novel testing for both COVID-19 and antibodies
  • Treatments and vaccine development
  • Decentralized supply chains and open-source hardware
  • Vulnerable populations and protecting at-risk groups
  • Strengthening the safety net to deliver aid and preserve/create jobs
  • Health system and workforce protections and capacity
  • Public-private partnership opportunities
  • Open innovation initiatives

Behind the scenes, we’ve been connecting on-the-ground healthcare workers with government decision-makers, rapid response teams, and funders. 
Our research and insights come from Health Doers: frontline medical professionals with urgent needs and well-informed ideas. If that’s you, we want to hear from you — What are the greatest barriers right now? What types of hacks and solutions are you creating? How can government and funders help? (Email: editor (at) luminary-labs (dot) com or send a direct message to @covid_x on Twitter.)
We’re also connecting with Rapid Response Teams: the grassroots efforts addressing the PPE supply chain, testing and screening, open-source hardware and equipment hacks, logistics, open data, and more. We’re looking for ways to help these innovators partner with each other while introducing promising concepts to decision-makers. And we’re continuing to track open innovation initiatives that could accelerate solutions to the coronavirus pandemic; each daily digest includes the latest additions to our index. 


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