Open innovation — from challenges and hackathons to open data projects and open-source hardware — have the potential to deliver breakthrough solutions laid bare by COVID-19 and the virus that causes it.

The CovidX team has tracked hundreds of open innovation initiatives that aim to solve COVID-related problems. Submissions to the first round of the open innovation index are now closed. CovidX plans to conduct an analysis of the initiatives and share insights. Be first to hear when insights are published: Subscribe to the CovidX Digest.

To report an error, submit an initiative after the closing date, or give us advance notice of an unannounced program, please email


Here’s how we define categories in the table above:

Accelerators. A cohort-based (and often fixed-term) program to accelerate progression of solutions.

Challenges and competitions. A competitive, time-constrained program that offers some form of incentive.

Crowdsourcing and volunteer networks. An initiative that collects and shares talent, expertise, and/or solutions.

Funding and matching. A program that offers funding or non-monetary opportunities (for example, mentorship, technical assistance, or jobs), including facilitation of connections between innovators and funders.

Hackathons. A synchronous event for collaborative problem solving.

Open data, open research, and information sharing. A dataset or resource that is freely available (via API, database, repository, etc.) for people to use and build upon.

Open-source hardware and software. A product or service that is made freely and openly available, and may be distributed or modified.