Our purpose

CovidX seeks to identify opportunities for the government, private sector, and nonprofits to accelerate meaningful innovation and build a more resilient future. We are articulating problems and championing new ways of solving them with equity and inclusion in mind.

CovidX is a Luminary Labs initiative made possible by funding from Schmidt Futures. 

Luminary Labs

Luminary Labs is a strategy and innovation consultancy based in New York. We are focused on the thorny problems that matter and finding new ways to solve them on behalf of Fortune 500, nonprofit, and government clients. We’re applying our expertise in open innovation, health, education, the future of work, and the advancement of science to CovidX.

Health Advisory Panel

We are honored to work closely with the following frontline medical professionals.

Our funders

CovidX is made possible through funding from Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt. As a venture facility for public benefit, Schmidt Futures helps people do more for others by imagining what’s possible, applying advanced science and computing thoughtfully, and working together in networks across fields.